Utility Bill Audit

Utility Bill Audit

We are continuously looking for ways to assist our clients in reducing costs and utilizing resources more efficiently. In so doing, we are pleased to announce a new initiative to make sure that utility bills are really “OK2Pay.” We believe this practical approach will allow you to improve your Accounts Payable operation goals of efficiency, effectiveness, and economical accuracy when it comes to utility bill invoice processing. As an NJGEC client, we are committed to excellent customer service and we support your efforts to optimize costs by streamlining Accounts Payable operations.

Our approach is revolutionary in the industry and stands out from the traditional process. Utility bill audit companies review and correct after payment is made to the utility company or energy supplier, whereas our, “OK2Pay,” service involves a 150-step review of bills before payment is sent to the provider.

Client Benefits

  • Peace of Mind – Your accounts payable department will know each and every bill is really “OK2Pay” after an extensive review by invoice experts.
  • Optimization of Cash Flow – By avoiding paying out monies for bills before they are corrected, clients retain more cash on hand for other expenses. This also eliminates the many months of wondering whether an expected refund is indeed in the works.
  • Eliminates Fees – Professional streamlining effectively eliminates late fees & shut off notices.
  • Billing Error Resolution – Our team takes responsibility for identifying errors, communicating errors to the client, communicating them with the provider, and resolving said errors, leaving Accounts Payable free to focus on other issues.

In order to improve your accounts payable process, we strongly encourage you to enroll in our “OK2Pay” program service. Also for qualified clients, we will provide a FREE historical review, which will give a detailed audit of all utility bills investigating up to 36 months back for errors and overcharges.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in this capacity.


Many energy consultants and brokers will claim that they can save you money without a thorough review of your current situation. In reality, until a complete analysis is performed, no one can be sure how much they can save you or whether they can help you at all.

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Utility Bill Audit
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Utility Bill Audit
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Utility bill audits analyze your bill to ensure that you are reducing costs and utilizing resources more efficiently wherever possible.