Our mission at NJ Green Energy Consulting is to “Save Client’s Money and help them become more Sustainable”.

All Cost Reduction / Cash Flow Enhancement programs begin with a plan and end with proper execution no matter the spend category. What is Your Energy Plan to enhance Cash Flow from your utility spending in 2018?  Contact NJ Green Energy Consulting to help set up a plan to save you money and make your business more sustainable.

Everyone in sales is focused on the year end numbers and consequently the executive suite is looking at 2018 budgets. From operations to payroll, how can we become more efficient grow our business and exceed our numbers. If approved, how will the new tax plan benefit our business? Will we have increased cash flow to invest in new technologies and equipment? Will we be able to higher more employees and expand our sales and marketing teams? Businesses of all sizes are faced with many challenges; and obstacles to overcome. Some are very clear and apparent, however some are not.

With the new administration moving into Trenton, there will consequently be political and economic changes impacting most New Jersey based businesses. One challenge almost all business executives will agree on is energy impacts the bottom line and is critical to the financial performance of any business. PSE&G, New Jersey’s largest public utility recently published its annual transmission formula update for 2018. The new formula will result in a measurable increase in the Network Integrated Transmission Service (NITS) charges of your electric supply rates. We have discussed this in previous posts, but what will this FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) approved increase mean to your business? Does your business participate in the NJ Energy Choice program? What will this increase mean to you? What will this pass through mean to your 3rd party electricity supply agreement? More questions all business will need to address that may affect the bottom line.

We recently met with a wholesale distributor in the fashion industry. The challenge they are faced with, is providing a sustainability report to their retailers. Have any of your client’s asked you for a sustainability report? Seems like sustainability is becoming much more prevalent (as it should) in the minds of most business owners and also the consumer. NJ Green Energy Consulting works with client’s to procure 100% green energy at a savings. Without any capital investment business are going green and saving money. This not only helps the bottom line, it is also impressive on the sustainability report and great for the environment. Win, Win, Win.

Efficiencies also help the bottom line. For most office buildings, lighting might account for 20 to 50 percent of electricity consumption. As a result they may choose to upgrade to energy efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) today’s most efficient lighting, which typically use about 25% – 80% less energy, with outstanding lift time expectations of sometimes up to 100,000 hours. Digital thermostats are programmable and that also means energy savings. You can preset times to turn heating on and off as needed during the winter months.  Which can easily save as much as 10 percent by simply setting the temperature back 7 to 10 degrees.  Additionally you can set the thermostat for sleep mode. If programmed properly Energy Star® estimates that you can save $30 per year per device by using sleep mode.

New Jersey continues to be an ideal place to conduct business. The important question is how energy efficient is your business? Perhaps you want to make the most of your buildings energy management system, or take a deeper dive into the sustainability of your operation.

Why not contact NJ Green Energy Consulting for your FREE energy analysis? Let us help you develop an energy plan that improves the bottom line, delivers sustainability and also helps the environment.

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