Solar Energy can be an attractive cost reduction option for qualified facilities. In addition to the financial benefits, installing solar will reduce the environmental impact/carbon footprint of your business or organization, generating a positive image that can be attractive to clients, suppliers and employees.

Potential benefits of going solar can include:

  • Reduced exposure to volatile energy markets
  • Predictability: solar energy provides known, transparent, and predictable energy costs
  • Affordability: a properly executed solar project will provide an attractive, stable energy price, secured for decades
  • Supports sustainability goals: solar energy promotes sustainability and cost-reduction initiatives
  • Impressive: potential and existing customers and suppliers may associate solar panels with a positive image of your company or organization
  • Tax Shelter: current federal income tax code allows a 30% tax credit for purchased solar PV systems

However, failing to identify and manage the potential risks associates with solar energy can result in measurable financial loss. That is why NJGEC begins all solar projects with a detailed client education program to identify the benefits and risks associated with a solar energy project. After gaining some understanding, our clients will have the ability to make a confident decision that will deliver a predictable outcome.


Many energy consultants and brokers will claim that they can save you money without a thorough review of your current situation. In reality, until a complete analysis is performed, no one can be sure how much they can save you or whether they can help you at all.

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The use of solar panels is not only environmentally friendly, but it can also help reduce energy costs for qualified fcilities.