Maximizing Federal, State, & Local Energy Incentive Programs

It can’t be argued that the best way to reduce a business’s energy/utility budget and save money on electricity and natural gas bills is through energy efficiency. The cheapest unit of energy is the unit that you don’t use! Companies that take advantage of Federal, State and local Energy Efficiency incentive programs, such as the NJCEP (NJ Clean Energy Program) are savings thousands of dollars every month.

Can a business reduce the cost of  it’s electric & natural gas bills?

Yes, through energy deregulation, companies can reduce the unit cost of their energy spend by procuring a lower cost supply provider. Energy deregulation also enables a company to further control and reduce cost utilizing more flexible procurement strategies than what is offered by the local regulated utility company. Although cost reduction is a beautiful thing, cost avoidance is even better.

Is it possible to install energy efficient lighting and mechanical systems for little or no cost?

When we ask customers to consider sustainable energy management products & service the typical response is, “That’s not in our budget, maybe next year”. What if there is a way to implement cost savings energy efficiency upgrades without touching your check book or compromising your balance sheet?  Yes, this is possible and yes we do this for our clients all of the time.

There is a massive amount Federal, State and local utility energy efficiency incentive programs that can measurably reduce and sometimes eliminate the cost of energy efficiency upgrades. Each and every year, there are tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars of unused incentive dollars that get scooped up by the State Government to balance an already wasteful budget. Yes, our elected officials take the unused funds that are contributed by each and every rate payer to fund their irresponsible spending.

This is our money, and we at NJGEC are committed to ensure that our clients receive every penny of this FREE MONEY that they are entitled to!

Sounds pretty simple uh? Well, if it was simple, there would not be millions & millions of unused funds.  The challenge is, ones needs to be a Philadelphia lawyer to navigate the complex & confusing state incentive programs to determine which program will deliver the maximum incentive. Quite often, a customer will qualify for more than one program. To make this more confusing and difficult, in many instances, a provider will only be approved to participate in one program that they will do their best to sell even if there are other programs that offer larger incentives.

How can a business be sure that they are receiving the maximum incentive for their energy efficiency project?

This is where NJGEC comes in.  NJGEC is fluent in all of the Federal, State, and Local incentive programs. We know how to slice & dice and when allowed overlap programs to maximize the incentive that will greatly reduce or eliminate the cost of upgrading to ultra-efficient lighting, mechanical and refrigeration systems.  Through creative mixing and matching of the incentive programs offered by various unrelated sources combined with strategic scheduling it is very possible to initiate a cost saving,  energy efficiency project without touching a penny of company capital or increasing balance sheet debt.

To compliment a successful energy efficiency project, NJGEC will develop a supply procurement strategy based on future load profile expectations that will materially reduce the cost of the remaining energy need to run a more efficient business.


Call NJGEC today to schedule a complimentary utility analysis to learn how we can help your company maximize the value of every dollar in your utility budget!

Maximizing Federal, State, & Local Energy Incentive Programs
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Maximizing Federal, State, & Local Energy Incentive Programs
How to maximize the savings from Federal, State, & Local Energy Incentive Programs Companies can reduce their electric & natural gas costs by applying for energy efficiency incentives offer from Federal, State & local governments.
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