Investing in Solar Energy is smart investment. Solar energy will reduce costs and provide a good return on investment. In order to minimize risks, several factors must be considered.

Price: The bottom line is it comes down to price per kilowatt. We compare competitive quotes and recommend the best choice for each client’s needs. Reducing your dependence on conventional electricity will provide a long term hedge against rising electricity costs.

Quality: NJGEC will compare the equipment quality in each quote, for a true comparison. Investing in a solar project is a long term investment that should pay dividends for decades with little maintenance cost. It is of the utmost importance to insure only the highest quality components are incorporated into a solar project. First class panels and inverters carry 25 year warranties on both product quality and performance.

Finance: there are many ways to purchase or finance a solar system. Beware of marketing gimmicks boasting, “FREE SOLAR”. In reality, nothing is free. NJGEC works with our customers to select the purchase or finance options that best fit each client’s balance sheet.

  • Purchasing a PV Solar System
  • Leasing a PV Solar System
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Long terms solar energy investments carry long term risks that must be managed:

There are many longer term factors that can adversely affect the performance and financial return on a solar energy investment. NJGEC works with our customers to identify and manage these risks before signing an installation contract. Some of the most frequent factors are:

  • SREC volatility: Hedging future SREC values provides a predictable SREC revenue source
  • Vegetation management: Trees and shrubs will continue to grow and can shade an array resulting in lower production. Sometimes future shading issues may involve vegetation on a neighboring property.
  • Roof Condition: Since a solar array will last for decades, the long term condition of a roof must be accounted for prior to installation.
  • Project timing:  The costs to install a solar system have come down significantly over the past five years. Addressing energy efficiency measures such as lighting upgrades that will measurably reduce annual usage may reduce the size and cost of a solar project. Upgrading lighting fixtures is much cheaper than increasing the size of a solar system.

Simplifying the solar buying decision.

  • Reduce Operating Costs: Solar can significantly offset a substantial amount of your electrical costs.
  • The installation of Solar System on your site will increase the value of your property.
  • The New Jersey Clean Energy SREC Program offers Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) for every 1000 kWh of power generated through solar installations.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Solar power will result in reduced consumption of fossil fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit.

NJGEC is committed to working with our client’s throughout the decision process through installation, to insure your solar project is the right one for your business and energy load profile. Call us at 973-287-7797 or email to discuss the best solar energy system options for your business.  

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