energy efficiency: led lighting fixtures

Energy Efficiency: Guidelines for LED Lighting Options

Energy efficiency is the easiest and most cost effective way to cut utility costs. Upgrading old incandescent, fluorescent or halogen fixtures to modern LED will reduce energy costs. LED lighting will improve the energy efficiency of your building or business, and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well. Lighting retrofits not only improve the quality of light, but will also decrease the heat in the building envelope, which will reduce HVAC run times and create a more productive work environment.

Energy efficient LED lighting upgrades will pay for themselves with a very short ROI. What you will need to know before choosing a lighting contractor or entering an agreement:

  • Is my contractor licensed?
  • What are the state incentives & programs?
  • Equipment specs:
  1. Manufacture: It’s essential to confirm the products being installed are UL and DLC certified.
  2. Light quality: LED technology offers extreme flexibility in regards to the quality of light. A professional lighting audit should be performed to include lumen readings throughout the facility which will be used to determine the number and type of fixtures to be used. In additions to lumens, LED technology also offers a multitude of color variations. The ability to choose or in some cases adjust light color can significantly impact occupant comfort and/or worker productivity.
  3. Warranties: LEDs have a long lifespan and last much longer than incandescent and florescent bulbs. The standard warranty term is 5 years, some longer. Be sure to review the warrantee terms with your contractor before making a product decision.
  • Performance to cost: Replacing fluorescent bulbs with snap in LEDs will lower energy consumption, a full fixture replacement will last longer and deliver a greater ROI. Simply replacing a fluorescent tube into an old fixture may result in the fixture failing before the LED fails. If choosing the plug & play route, make sure you have a professional installer bypass the existing ballast.

Energy efficient buildings have increased asset value, and higher occupancy rates. Tenants look for real estate that is environmentally friendly with lower utility costs. If you are considering a LED retrofit for your property contact NJGEC today at (973) 287-7797 or, or visit us at

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